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Management Development Program

About the Program

Organizations are looking for multi-faceted leaders who can act on a broad vision, introduce and manage change, engage the team, and sustain competitive advantage through effective leadership skills and practices. They are continuously challenged to achieve high expectations and perform beyond their current responsibilities. And to maximize their capabilities, to be effective in contributing in the organization, leaders needs to be equipped with the most relevant knowledge, skills and tools. IntelliSkillz’s programs prove as solutions to help leaders master competencies and reach beyond their potential.

Program Topics:

  • Result-oriented Communication for Managers

  • Conflict and Collaboration

  • Handling Difficult people and conversations at Workplace

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

  • Effective Delegation and Accountability

  • Introducing, Managing and Leading Change

  • Problem – solving and Decision – making in the Workplace

  • Leading Innovation

  • Qualities of Leadership

  • Transition to Leadership

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