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About Us

Know About Training and Coaching With Intelli Skillz

Business And Training Solutions

We assist organizations with customized training, mentoring and coaching programs, for equipping your team with the right skills, which align with their roles and responsibilities, as well as contribute towards business goals.

We look forward for collaboration, to add value to your organizational growth.


Our Vision

To assist participants to achieve professionals goals, through Facili-Training and ensuring impact-ful learning experience

Our Mission

To ensure the knowledge manifested is applied, by engaging all kinds of intelligence and competence.

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Our Values

B - Best Quality

E - Empowering Learners 

L - Lucid Content 

I - Impeccable Delivery

E - Efficient Results 

F - Flexible Pedagogy

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Uma Parthasarathy

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The Lead

About Our Founder

he brings along 20 years of experience in Retail Sales & Operations, Customer Service and Behavioral Training, with expertise in -

Retail Operations & Sales

Mindset & Relationship Coaching, Effective Business Communication, Emotional Intelligence. 

She has worked with Educational Institutions, have been associated with CSR Projects and have trained and coached 15000+ lives

Her belief quote is - "Everything you can imagine is real.

You have a whole universe inside you".

Her purpose of starting IntelliSkillz is to empower lives with future skills, helping individuals with coaching and behvioural tools to achieve work-life balance, supporting organizations to inculcate learning culture, and focusing on mental well-being of people.


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