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Junior & Mid-level Hiring (FMCG & IT)

Finding the right talent is crucial for the success of your business. We believe in understanding your company culture, values and specific requirements.

Mental Health Program

Providing mental health training for leaders sends a powerful message to employees that their mental wellbeing is a top priority.

Drafting/Reviewing of Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy

Updating the Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy with latest amendments and clauses applicable

POSH Awareness Session for all employees

This training will provide clear understanding of the POSH law as well as promote healthy environment through Case studies, real-time scenarios, etc.

E-learning Programs

Online training programs can offer personalized learning paths designed to provide employees with the skill training they’re most interested in and likely to engage with.

Quarterly Meeting of Internal Committee

Discussing any incidents faced at workplace, the implementation of POSH guidelines at workplace, any latest updates of the POSH Act, sharing any recent POSH cases in general.

Internal Committee Members Training

This training will specifically cater on the technical, psychological as well as legal aspect of the Law of Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace, ways of handling different cases, being sensitive and neutral towards both the parties.

On-boarding and Up-Skilling/Reskilling

Campus to Corporate Training aids in transitioning from College to Corporate environment.

Spiritual and Mindfulness Sessions

In today's fast-paced world, employee wellbeing and workplace culture have become increasingly important as organizations recognize the need to support the holistic needs of their employees.

External Member Services & Incidental Meeting Services

Hand-holding support in the functioning of the IC Conduct awareness events and workshops from time to time   

Refresher sessions for existing employees

Updating the new employees and covering the gaps that have been identified in the implementation of the POSH Act guidelines at workplace.

Management Development Program

Organizations are looking for multi-faceted leaders who can act on a broad vision, introduce and manage change, engage the team, and sustain competitive advantage through effective leadership skills and practices.

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